Nothing beats the rustic charm of an antique barn door. Recreated or reclaimed, these heavy wooden doors transition your home and give it a look and feel that is exceptional. They are perfect for the kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms or anywhere one wishes them installed. The antique barn door hardware is available in various types, sizes, and weights. Whether you seek a sliding door hardware, a tracking system for a barn door, or even a rolling door hardware, Calusa Barn Door Hardware is the solution for you.

We specialize in residential projects, although our equipment is ideal to be used for commercial door purposes. All our doors are available in high-quality and are built to last. With our affordable prices, you can shop for antique barn doors and accessories with confidence. We offer the best deals on all our products and services, which include:

• Hardware for barn wood doors
• Hardware for barn glass doors
• Handles and pulls
• Wood doors.

Why Shop with Us?

Our barn doors are meticulously reclaimed and salvaged from antique barns around the country. We transform and polish the materials to bring utmost craftsmanship to your home décor. All of our selected wood is thoroughly dried and reinforced to make sure that the antique barn door hardware is structurally stable.

We dedicate our experience and time into crafting each piece just for you. Our wide range of wood source and accessory selection, the customization you desire can be achieved according to your specifications. Also, if you got a different type of wood in mind, we will be happy to cater to you and produce a door of your dreams.

Talk to us, and we will be thrilled to work with you in enhancing your home with incredibly strong, polished and reasonably priced sliding barn doors.

Hardware for Barn Wood Doors

Do you have a sliding door of any style, but can’t find the correct hardware items to go with it? Don’t worry. At Calusa Barn Door Hardware, we stock the most high-quality wood door hardware accessories that are hard to find. We pride ourselves in helping you with the appropriate technical details you require and provide you with the right accessories at a reduced price. Whether wall mounts and guides are what you seek, or rollers and tracking hardware, you can be sure to find the exact type that you need for your sliding barn door, cabinets and furniture as well.

We have several types of hardware from flat track types to the modern stainless steel hardware, which fit any style and size of the door you own or choose. All the items are from reputable and leading manufacturers in the industry, which is to say they are extremely durable and strong for any wooden door. They will last for as long as your door still lives.

Our products are not limited to rustic style doors only, but for modern doors as well. Despite the specifications and standards of the hardware, at Calusa Barn Door Hardware, we pride ourselves in our ability to accomplish the needs of all our customers. On top of that, product information, scheduling of delivery and shipping costs are all accommodated. Make your order today and get your item ready and shipped.

Hardware for Barn Glass Doors

There is no point in settling for the ordinary when beauty and class of barn doors are within your reach. At Calusa Barn Door Hardware, we cater to customers who fancy decorative rails with modern twists on rustic and classic glass doors without natural light sacrificial. We are ever dedicated to bringing you the best hardware on the market at affordable prices. It doesn’t matter whether you have a frameless, flexible track, wall slide or suspended glass door options, we provide a safe solution for you. 

Our assortment includes products that range from modern shower enclosures to stainless steel floor guides. All these fittings are from leading manufacturers dedicated to providing fixtures built with incredible strength to last forever. The accessories offer easy opening or closing of spaces as you desire, for any door design. Customizations are also accommodated for the glass doors, and whatever finish you want, we have it.

Calusa Barn Door Hardware lets you become distinctive and dramatic with a wide selection of the best stainless steel, sliding glass-door hardware, which can also be mounted directly to the wall to make installation easy and quick. Be it for sliding doors in your kitchen, living room, bedroom or whatever the need for the glass door fittings application, our stock of antique sliding barn door hardware will not disappoint. Join our base of satisfied customers, who have added texture and visual interest to their homes with our sliding glass doors and hardware today. Call us and order your items to get them ready for shipping and delivery.

Accessories for Barn Doors
If you sought all types of accessories for barn doors, durable and customized to fit your preferences, you have come to the right place. At Calusa Barn Door Hardware, we carry a full line up for sliding door hardware and barn doors. With our top tier accessories, you can complete the look of your home with an antique barn door hardware trolley, sets of matching pulls, bi-pass sets, decorative accent trims, latches, hinges, guides, safety plates, silent rollers as well as top mount roller hangers. 
Our accessories come with specifics for different styles of doors, sizes, and purposes. They are also available in various forms with most being stainless steel. All the accessories we offer are built with extra strength to take on weight and ease the functionality of barn doors regardless of the application. The designs are precise with smooth finishes of chrome, bronze, nickel, among others to allow easy opening, closing, sliding and general operation of the barn doors without much of a hassle.

At Calusa Barn Door Hardware, we understand all your needs for barn door accessories. That is why we have the best and reasonable prices unlike any other. Call us today and get the steel rails you require for your glass and wooden barn doors.

Handles and Pulls

Having a barn door, whether glass or wooden, calls for the need of pull handles and flush handles, but not the standard handles. This is why, at Calusa Barn Door Hardware, we provide you with the best of the products at incredibly affordable prices. We invest most of our time and professionalism in providing our customers with the best finger pulls and handles made of materials that guarantee quality and durability. The stainless steel make with elegant finishes is a guarantee of look retention and feel without the possibility of the fixtures corroding. They come in different styles and sizes to match the needs and the aesthetics of your barn doors.

Our handles and finger pulls are available in various finishes including polished, gold and satin stainless steel handles. Whether you desire the traditional designs or the modern types of pulls and handles, Calusa Barn Door Hardware will bring you the satisfaction you so dream about. You don’t have to struggle anymore trying to slide barn doors in front of one another, get our handles and pulls, which includes some that fit perfectly on the standard bore hole. We got you covered if your doors also slide into a wall or cavity, where flush pulls are not necessary. 
Place your order today!

Wood Doors

No other industry is leading in the selling of the best class interior wood door in Florida like Calusa Barn Door Hardware. Our vast assortment of doors is made crafted from different types of wood available on the market. The perfect finishes our doors come with enable easy sliding while opening or closing them. They are available in a myriad of sizes for you to choose the right one that matches your specifications as well as your interior décor.

We are committed to selling you long lasting, high-quality wooden doors as well as custom-designing other track doors with a wood of your choice. Unlike other manufacturers, our products do not have exaggerated prices and are all cheap. All our doors also have a return policy to enable you to shop with confidence. If it isn’t impressive, you can always return it.

At Calusa Barn Door Hardware, you can always count and rely on us to provide the best antique barn door hardware at low prices. We do country-wide supplies, and with our fantastic deals, fast delivery and shipping, shopping for barn doors couldn’t be much easier. Contact us today or place your orders online and get your particular product shipped to you today.