Barn doors provide you with a great chance to screen off portions of your home in elegance and quiet. Rather than just a closed door, you can slide a panel across the opening. These doors are ideal in several applications and work especially well in situations with oddly sized openings or where there's a difference in floor height between the two spaces.

When to Customize Your Hardware

Custom size barn door hardware is essential for those who need a track that's wider than standard door width. This form of hardware also works extremely well if you want to hang wide overlapping doors at one end of a narrow space.

What Should I Plan For When Ordering Custom Hardware?

No matter how wide the opening or how much track you want to hang, you will have to mount the hanging brackets into the studs behind your wallboard or plaster. Tracks longer than 8 feet will be shipped in multiple pieces and require a connector. Measure carefully to make sure that your connector plate and all other hangers will be able to be mounted to a stud.

Styled to Match Your D├ęcor

Whether you want an elegant brushed nickel, traditional chrome or rustic flat black, we can help you find hardware that will suit your home and look as though it's always been there. Because our door rollers and tracks are of the highest quality, you can also choose handles and pulls for looks as well as functionality!

Let Us Know What You Need

Once you've determined the length of the track you'll need, contact us with the dimensions and weights of your doors to make sure that we can provide you with track and hardware that will move smoothly for years to come. It is critical that we know factors including

  • door material
  • weight of doors
  • thickness of doors
  • The number of panels.

This data will make it possible for us to provide you with the best hardware set to keep your doors functioning well.

Final Thoughts

The addition of barn doors to your space is a great choice. These flexible and attractive pieces can serve as an opening or as a very interesting wall choice, move quietly and look sharp in any position. Call us at 1-800-759-9895. We're here to help!