Barn Doors: Now Stylish in Home or Office Settings

We'd like to introduce you to Calusa! Our Miami, Florida based company offers outstanding sliding wood and glass barn door style hardware products for homes and offices. We market barn door pull handles, push handles, tracks, rollers, brackets, door stops and other door hardware accessories across North America. If you've recently purchased a barn door kit (or you have considered ordering a barn door kit sometime soon), we'd like to invite you to spend a little time exploring our website. Rolling doors have gained popularity in recent years as a very trendy home improvement.

A More Convenient Option

Our products help many households and offices comply with accessibility requirements. Yet these items also supply outstanding convenience. While the correct installation of some types of door knobs for hinged doors requires extensive worksite preparations, a skilled barn door installation team can often deploy our hardware products easily and quickly. If you've recently purchased a barn door kit, you'll appreciate the simplicity of our track and roller systems. We carry a fine selection of hardware choices for sliding barn doors. Whether you've searched for a barn door handle for a glass door barn door kit or for a set of barn door pull handles or push handles for wooden doors, you'll appreciate the excellent quality of these products. 

Obtain High Quality Calusa Hardware

Have you searched in vain for a good looking barn door handle? We'd like to welcome you to peruse our specials to locate excellent, strong, creatively-designed barn door pull handles and other door hardware. Calusa has carved out a reputation as a supplier of fine barn door hardware. We'll help augment the materials you obtained when you selected your first barn door kit. We offer hardware products in a variety of attractive metals and finishes. We carry stainless steel door handles, plus a wide array of brass and gold-finished hardware selections. Find the door tracks, handles, brackets, door stops and other accessories you need for your sliding glass and wood doors. (We even carry hardware for sliding doors in cabinets and entertainment centers!) Whether you need a single barn door handle, or a series of identical barn door pull handles or push handles, we'll help you furnish your home in style.

Our Hardware Offers Convenience And Beauty

When you consider a barn door for a living room, a utility room, or a kitchen, what elements come to mind? Today, many homeowners in the Greater Miami Area (and across North America) appreciate the sheer convenience of separating a portion of a large room conveniently by simply sliding a rolling barn door shut! Yet these rolling doors can also offer the same beauty most people expect in a hinged door. Some customers buy a barn door kit for the first time in order to enjoy cost-saving efficiency in separating a food preparation area from a dining room, or a family room from a home office. Rolling barn doors may reduce the number of interior walls required for a particular floor plan. Count on Calusa to supply the important hardware items and accessories you'll require to enjoy superbly equipped barn door pull handles. We'll help you obtain a suitable barn door handle and accessories for this type of door wherever you decide to perform the installation.

Hardware For Wooden Barn Doors And Glass Barn Doors

Today, manufacturers have developed both wooden and glass barn doors for use in different parts of the home. (Sometimes a barn door kit will even combine these elements in a single door.) Customers may worry whether or not a given barn door handle will work with a specific door? Contact Calusa for concerned, skilled assistance in resolving these types of common technical questions. We carry excellent styles of popular barn door pull handles and push handles. We'll help you match different designs to the doors in your residence to ensure you obtain solid value for your investment. Our commitment to customer service informs this effort.

Select The Fashionable Accessories You Prefer

Today a barn door kit may include some hardware items, but not all the materials you require to fit your image for your residence. To expand your options when you use a barn door kit, consider visiting the Calusa website on a regular basis. We update and expand our inventory of great barn door pull handles, rollers, tracks, door stops, and other accessories regularly. Let us help guide you through the process of successfully installing and outfitting your first barn door handle. When you appreciate the convenience of these exceptional products, you may just decide to decorate more extensively using this easily-mastered technology.

Why Builders Love The Barn Door Style!

If you work as a developer or contractor, you'll find the chic Barn Door Style especially appealing from a cost standpoint. Now you can create upscale interior d├ęcors for customers without expending a lot of time installing hinges and old-fashioned door knobs and locks. You may reduce interior wall construction, too. Decrease your crew's on-site finishing time significantly by embracing this innovation. Use a sliding barn door kit and our excellent track and roller systems to complete in-demand projects rapidly and more efficiently. We carry a great selection of barn door pull handles so you can tailor the style to fit specific architectural designs. (If you'd simply like to install a single barn door on a garage or outbuilding, we can help you locate the best barn door handle for that type of project, too.)

Choose Calusa Products

We know you'll appreciate learning more about our attractive lines of useful Calusa hardware products. Whether you seek a fashionable barn door handle or a complete matching set of barn door pull handles for every room in your home, we carry the high quality, well-designed merchandise you need to showcase your residence attractively. If you've invested in a barn door kit to experiment with this type of trendy door, you'll want to bookmark our website at for convenient future reference. Visit us to obtain all the rolling door hardware, track systems, door handles, brackets, door stops, and other trendy accessories required to decorate with flair! We look forward to assisting you.