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Stainless Steel Barn Door Hardware for Residential Sector

Stainless Steel Barn Door Hardware for Residential Sector

Investing in barn doors is an intelligent way to improve your home’s overall look and functionality. Into the bargain, barn doors are space efficient, easy to open and close, easy to install, and they are safe to use. However, homeowners or architects can only achieve the benefits by investing in best stainless steel barn door hardware to install these modern types of doors.

Why should you use stainless door hardware steel barn doors?

As their name suggests, Barn door hardware stainless steel are fittings designed from stainless steel, a metal with numerous benefits.

Some of the advantageous properties that will make you want to invest in the stainless steel hardware include:

1. They are resistant to corrosion

Hardware designed from metals like iron will start to corrode when exposed to natural elements like oxygen and moisture. As we all know, corrosion is a destructive process that reduces the mechanical strength of hardware, causes deterioration of appearance, and it exposes you to unnecessary repairs and replacements that might be costly.

Unlike barn door hardware made from corrosive metals, stainless door hardware is virtually resistant to corrosion resulting from water and air. On that account, the fittings can hold their new looks and mechanical strength for long. This saves you from the costly repairs and replacements resulting from corrosion.

2. Reasonable strength to weight balance

Another reason why you will want to invest in stainless door hardware is that the fittings have a consistent strength to weight balance. This implies that even the thinnest hardware can tolerate a high weight limit. This feature makes installation easy, and it eliminates the bulky looks that can compromise your door's aesthetic appeal.

3. Cosmetic value

Stainless sliding door hardware come in a variety of styles that give you the freedom to choose a style that pleases you or one that can complement your barn door’s architectural design. Therefore, steel hardware makes an excellent option for homeowners who wish to stay unique.

4. Hygienic properties

Stainless steel hardware is easy to clean since they have an excellent ability to ward off stains, grease, and any other dirt. In addition to warding stains off, the stainless steel hardware are easy to clean. These features make the hardware an excellent option for kitchens.

Despite the fact that stainless steel sliding barn door hardware seems like an ideal option for homeowners with barn door, finding hardware made from genuine steel can be an uphill task since the market is full of pretend stainless steel barn door hardware. If you stay in Florida and this has been your problem, we recommend CALUSA, a top barn door hardware company serving the entire state.

Who is CALUSA Barn Door Hardware?

Based in Miami, Florida, CALUSA is a top supplier of the best steel barn door, steel sliding barn doors, and sliding barn door hardware for barn doors weighing between 50 to 500 pounds. The company offers all styles, sizes, and designs of doors.

Steel Sliding Barn Door Hardware That You Can Find In CALUSA
At CALUSA Barn Door Hardware, you can find wall mounts, rails, handles, rollers, finger pulls, and much more hardware required to install wood, glass, and furniture barn doors. Below is a comprehensive list of the hardware you can find in CALUSA.

1. Hardware for wood doors

Wooden barn doors come in a variety of styles that require different types of hardware to install as well as facilitate easy opening and closing.

Some of this essential hardware to consider are:

• Rails
Rails are wall mounted track on which wooden barn doors slide to open or close. Usually, rails are mounted on the door frame.
• Brackets
Brackets let you mount the barn door’s rails securely on the wall. Since the rails bear the door's entire weight, we suggest that you get sturdy brackets that can carry the burden. Building experts recommend that you use one bracket after every 16 inches of the rail.
• Rollers
Rollers are mounted on the rail to help you slide the door on the rail effortlessly. Since rollers come in different sizes, you ought to shop around for an appropriate size that cannot move the door smoothly.
• Door Straps
These are heavy duty hardware that holds the door hanging on the rail. Since door straps are one of the most conspicuous hardware on your wooden barn door, we suggest that you look around for straps that match your door’s cosmetic style. 
• Guides and Stops
Door guides are concealed hardware installed at the bottom of the door to prevent it from swinging in and out. On the other hand, the stops are placed on the end of the track to prevent the door from sliding out of the rail.

Some of CALUSA’s top hardware for wood doors include:
  • Wall mounted door guide
  • Navajo rail joiner
  • Floor guide for wood doors
  • Complete set of Amazon barn door hardware. The set contains rollers, floor guide, door stop, rail, and rail end caps.
  • A full set of Geneva steel hardware that comes with a rail, roller assemblies, wall hangers, floor guides, end caps, and door stops.
  • Capri hardware kit containing a 10 feet long rail, end caps, wrench, floor guides, roller assemblies, door stops, and wall hangers.
  • A full kit of Capri stainless steel hardware for 1 ¾ inch thick doors. The kit contains a 12 feet long rail, doorstops, roller assemblies, wrench, end caps, and wall hangers.
  • Torino's ceiling track system that comes with a pair of door stops, four wall brackets, 76 inch rail, and a floor guide.
  • Other hardware for wood doors include Arizona's Venetian antique hardware kit, Vienna Satin steel hardware, 8 feet Geneva brass door hardware, and 12 feet long Verona Venetian hardware kit.

2. Barn Door Hardware for glass doors

CALUSA’s hardware for glass doors are meant for those who own glass barn doors. Whether you are looking floor guides, rails, rollers, and door straps, be sure to find them at a low price at CALUSA. 

Some of the glass door hardware you would find at this chief hardware in Florida include:
• Stainless steel floor guides that let your door to slide smoothly on its rail when closing or opening the door. The floor guides are available for 10 and 12mm thick glass doors.
• A set of Palermo stainless steel sliding glass door kit. The kit contains a 76 inch long rail, a floor guide, end caps, roller assemblies, wall hangers, door stops, and a wrench.
• A complete kit of Rio Satin steel hardware that contains a floor guide, an end cap, roller assemblies, wall hangers, a pair of doorstops and a floor guides.
• A set of Bermuda polished hardware intended for sliding glass shower doors. The kit contains a 76 inch rail, a pair of door stops, floor guide, end caps, and four wheel assemblies. 

3. Handles and finger pulls

While most door handles and finger pulls are primarily designed to let you open or close a door, CALUSA's handles and finger pulls are designed to make your work comfortable as well as enhance your door's cosmetic value.
Some of CALUSA hardware's choices to select from include:
• The 2 inch finger pull designed for wood and glass doors.
• 12 inch long back to back handles for 1 ¾-inch thick wooden doors and ½ inch thick glass doors.
• 24 inch satin steel single sided handle suitable for 1 ¾ inch thick wooden doors and ½ inch thick glass doors.

Some other handles that you may want to consider are 42 inch long ladder style handles, 30 inch long back to back steel handles, and 16 inch long back to back handle. These grips are ideal for glass and wood doors. 

4. Furniture Barn Door Hardware

CALUSA's furniture barn door hardware is intended for cabinets and any other furniture with sliding doors. Some of CALUSA’s hardware classified under this category include:
• A set of 1 ¼ inch thick cabinet wood doors hardware. The set contains 4 roller assemblies, an 80 inch long rail, floor guide, rail supports, and door supports. The hardware comes in stainless steel finish or antique Venetian finish. 

5. Other accessories

Other essential accessories that you may want to add to your wood or glass sliding door are:
• Polished steel anti-jump door stop
• Ceiling mount rail clamps used as alternatives to wall clamps
• Heavy duty rail supports 
• Double ceiling rail clamp

As can be seen, CALUSA offers every stainless steel barn door hardware that you would need to install and enhance the functionality of your wood or glass doors. All hardware is made from stainless steel a sturdy metal that is resistant to corrosion. Since our list of hardware is not conclusive, we suggest that you visit CALUSA’s official website to view more deals.
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