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Premium Interior Sliding Barn Door Hardware for Residential Sector

Premium Interior Sliding Barn Door Hardware for Residential Sector

Sliding doors are a great addition to many homes since they come in different designs to lift your home’s architectural design, they enhance your home's safety, and they are energy efficient. Regardless of the benefit, finding a trusted dealer to supply you with quality interior barn sliding door hardware might be a challenge since most dealers supply cheap aftermarket equipment that may not last long or even provide the necessary safety to your home. 

If getting quality sliding doors or barn sliding door hardware has been your problem, we recommend Calusa Barn Door Hardware, leading supplier that is popular in supplying affordable and quality equipment in the United States. 

Why would you choose CALUSA Barn Door Hardware?

Based in Miami, Florida, CALUSA Barn door hardware is a number one company that serves its customers throughout the United States. Besides being a country- wide supplier, CALUSA supplies strong and durable hardware like tracking systems and rolling door hardware for sliding doors weighing between 50- 500lbs. <br>Unlike most dealers that sell their products at an exaggerated price, Calusa’s products are affordable. Primarily, Calusa’s hardware is meant for residential projects, but you can as well use the hardware on your commercial projects. 

Why Would You Need Sliding Barn Doors When Doing A Renovation In Your Home?

1. Sliding barn door is energy efficient <br>Building experts argue that sliding barn doors are energy efficient as they are insulated to keep your interior warm during the cold season and cool during the summer. For this reason, we may say that a sliding barn door can reduce your energy bills. Moreover, the sliding doors are fitted with gaskets that keep dust, debris, and bad weather elements away from your interior. 

2. Sliding Barn Doors Are Space efficient<br>Another reason why you would consider investing in a sliding door is that the doors are space efficient since they glide in a track rather than swing open. As such, this would be a good option if you are looking to save some of your interior space consumed by the traditional swinging door. 

3. They boost your interior’s natural lighting<br>Have you been looking for a way to boost your interior's natural light? If yes, we recommend that you invest in a glass sliding door. The doors have large panes of glass that ensure your interior is floodlit throughout the day. Besides lighting your home, the sliding doors give you the freedom to enjoy the panoramic view of your home’s surrounding and monitor your pets or children while they play outside. 

4. Sliding doors provide easy access to your outdoor and into your interior <br>Dissimilar to the traditional doors, sliding doors glide effortlessly on the rails to let you access your outdoor. This would be a major feature during the summer time when you need to enjoy the cold climate in your backyard or pool. 

5. Sliding Doors have an excellent visual appeal<br>Are you looking for a door whose sleek and simple design matches your home’s architectural design? If you are, then you might want to purchase a sliding door. Unlike the traditional doors, Calusa’s sliding doors come in multiple styles and designs, giving you the freedom to choose a style that pleases you or that which matches and complements your home’s architectural design.

6. They are safe<br>One of the primary misconceptions associated with sliding doors is that they are not safe for your home or commercial property. However, expertly installed sliding doors have a locking system and other gaskets which let you lock your door against unwanted visitors. Also, the doors offer a tight seal against weather elements like rain water and snow.

7. Sliding barn doors add value to your home<br>According to building experts, Installing Calusa’s sliding barn doors is likely to increase your home's value since the elegant design, and the natural lighting boosts your home's aesthetic appeal. 


Where Can You Place Sliding Doors?

Ideally, sliding barn doors are used in areas like the kitchen, and other rooms that lead to your home's back yard or patio area. This would make sense because such areas receive a lot of foot traffic and the sliding door give people the convenience they need to move in or out.

What Hardware can you find in CALUSA Barn Door Hardware?

Calusa is a number one dealer of any barn sliding door hardware that you would need to set up a wood or glass door. Some of the products in Calusa barn Door hardware include wall mounts, wood doors, rails, and any other hardware used in the installation of modern and rustic style doors. Below is a comprehensive list of the products supplied by this dealer.

1. Hardware for sliding wood doors

At Calusa Hardware, you will find almost everything required to set up your sliding wood barn door at an affordable price. Some of the hardware used in the installation of your wooden doors includes:

• Navajo Rail Joiner, a metallic clip used in joining the joints of your door’s rails.

• Wood door floor guides that anchor the bottom of your barn door in place thereby preventing them from swinging towards and away from the wall.

• Wall mounted door guides for sliding wood doors.

• A complete set of Milano sliding barn door hardware used for room dividers and closet doors.

• Torino's ceiling mounted hardware utilized in the installation of ceiling mounted or pocket doors.

• A complete set of Capri barn Door hardware for sliding wooden doors. You can also use the hardware for room dividers and closet doors. 

• The Geneva gold finish barn door hardware suitable for barn doors whose size ranges from 3/8 inches to 1 ¾ inches thick.

Other hardware for sliding wood doors available in Calusa include the Barcelona Bronze barn door hardware, Millennium synchronized bi- parting sliding wood hardware, Verona Venetian Antique Barn Door hardware, and much more products. 


2. Hardware for sliding Glass Doors

Are you looking for sturdy but affordable hardware for your sliding glass doors? If you are, then search no more. Calusa Barn Door Hardware offers a broad range of the equipment used in all types of modern glass sliding doors. Some of the hardware in Calusa’s inventory includes:

• A complete set of Torino ceiling mounted glass door hardware for 3/8 inch and ½ inch thick glass doors. 

• Rio Satin's stainless steel sliding barn for glass doors whose thickness ranges up to ½ inches.

• Palermo stainless steel sliding hardware for glass door whose thickness ranges from 3/8 inches to ½ inches.

• A complete set of California Oil rubbed steel barn for ½ inch thick glass doors used as room partitions and closet doors.

• A complete set of Bermuda polished stainless steel shower enclosure hardware.

Other glass door hardware in Calusa’s inventory include Century satin synchronized bi- parting sliding glass barn, Bermuda shower enclosure, and Alfa adjustable sliding glass door hardware.

3. Handles and Finger Pulls

Furthermore, Calusa Barn door hardware specializes in study handles and finger pulls designed from non-corrosive materials to retain their new looks for an extended period. Furthermore, the handles and finger pulls come in different styles to match your barn door’s aesthetic value. Some of the types available in Calusa Hardware include:

• The 12-inch single- sided Satin stainless steel handle.

• 12 inch polished stainless steel door handle.

• 16 inch back to back Gold steel door handle.

• 24-inch Satin stainless steel door handle.

• 30 inch ORB handle.


4. Wood Doors

Calusa Barn Door Hardware is Florida’s industry leader in selling the best in class interior wood doors. Unlike the wooden doors from other manufacturers, Calusa has a vast assortment of sturdy wooden doors made from different types of wood. Moreover, Calusa’s interior doors slide easily, they come in different sizes to let you find the right size for your needs and they are available in multiple finishes to let you choose a finish that matches your interior décor.


5. Fluorescent mirror

Have you been looking for a way to enhance your interior’s cosmetic value alongside giving your room a spacious look? If you have, we recommend that you invest in Calusa hardware’s polished and elegantly designed fluorescent mirrors.

The fluorescent mirrors improve your interior’s ambient lighting, they add glamor to your house, and they help you cut down your lighting bills. Additionally, you can use the fluorescent mirror for obvious purposes like applying makeup or shaving. The electronic components used in Calusa Hardware’s fluorescent mirrors meet the international Safety Standards. 


6. Other accessories

Other interior barn sliding door hardware sold by Calusa Barn Door Hardware includes:

• Polished anti- jump door stop, hardware that prevents a sliding door from jumping when you strike the door stop.

• An extra heavy duty rail support which can be used as alternatives to regular wall clamps.

• A ceiling mount rail clamp that is attached to the ceiling to carry the load of sliding doors.

• Furthermore, Calusa Hardware supplies stainless steel rails for both glass and wooden barn doors. The steel rails come in different sizes.

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